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Grayson Mullins

Grayson Mullins photo Grayson Mullins
  • Brown Belt - 4 Stripes

Instructor - Jiu Jitsu

Grayson Mullins started his martial arts career as a varsity wrestler before branching into Mixed Martial Arts. He holds a Muay Thai fight record of 4-3 and an impressive 3-0 MMA record. In 2017 he brought home The Revolution Fight Series Title Belt for his weight class. Grayson is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an active competitor, holding multiple medals from local BJJ tournaments. He has over four years of teaching and coaching experience, including youth programs and working with competition level fighters.

Tournament Highlights

IBJJF Pan - Bronze
IBJJF Atlanta Open - Silver & Bronze (Weight & Open Class)
IBJJF Nashville Open - Silver
IBJJF American National Championship - Gold & Bronze (Weight & Open Class)
IBJJF Atlanta Open - Bronze
IBJJF NY Open - Bronze
IBJJF New Haven Open - Gold
IBJJF Charlotte Open - Gold & Silver (Gi & Open), Gold (No-Gi)
IBJJF DC Open - Gold
IBJJF Charlotte Open - Gold & Bronze (Gi & No-Gi)


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